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Cabals are taking advantage of my husband’s health condition- Aisha Buhari release lists of cabals

“My husband’s health condition has made them to take over power and award contracts on behalf of my husband” Aisha Buhari laments while receiving delegates from NANS over the real status of President Muhammadu Buhari.

She added that the President needs proper care and medication. When asked those that might be the cabals under Buhari’s condition, she angrily released the full list of top politicians taking advantage of Buhari”s health condition.


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  1. Why suddenly the president is breaking down in health? I haven’t had much to think about the cause of his abrupt health issues save that the general sell-out reason is that the problem of this is the space of Nigeria and the massive inherent problem inherited from his predecessor(s) which fight has amounted to a lockjam due to interference from the power-loving upper chamber, and yet his manifestoe to combat corruption headward has not brought any particular person or organization to justice, and he ails? Let me say for the purpose of opinion, that it is the hand of God. The undercarpet reason for the North fighting to retain power is aggressively, to Islamize this country which is proving impossible at this time and in later date. All the hands that has contributed to bloodshed of the innocents in this country shall be visited, and God is hardworking here. The first lady should play her wifely role and reserve no remorse for the fate meeting her husband but seek God’s face in the proper direction. Let’s keep praying for Nigeria.

    • So dumb.
      So in your little brain cycle,everyone in North is a Muslim.
      Have you ever been to Borno and seen the massive number of Christians trooping out to attend Sunday service?
      What about Kebbi State,Adamawa state that has 50% christians?
      Did you even thing of Gombe state that has as many Christians as there are Muslims?
      There is no state in the North that is 95% Muslim,no not one.
      In contrast,go to places like IMO,Abia,Benue etc where you find 95% are Christians.
      Stop this lame and nonsense talk of Islamizing Nigeria and face what your problem is,Corruption and Ignorance.
      No body is out to Islamize the country,the same way Christians are looking for fellowship is same way Muslims are also looking for followhip.
      I dont know why some of you have been brainwashed into believing this nonsense of a jihadist movement against the Christians.

      • You also seem to be ignorant about the agenda of Islamization Nigeria. It is true and deeply rooted in our constitution. It may happen if Christians in Nigeria do not brace up to our responsibility of evangelism and showing the light and salt of Christ. Go back to history, where is the Church of Alexandria? What about the seven Churches of Rev 2&3? Name them. If Islam could swept over these places in just 100yrs of it existence then who told you that it will not sweep the Churches in Nigeria if we continue in the path of their mistakes? How many times is Christianity mentions in our constitution? And how many times is Islam defended in the same constitution? How many Christians and churches killed and destroyed by Islam in country? I seriously pray that God heals the president, but stop looking at sensitive issues from political eye point of view

      • Thank u for putting some senses into there head

      • Mr Clem I don’t know if u ar well informed abt some global history?
        Do u know dt the seven churches addressed in Revelation chapter 2,3 were all at the present day TURKEY?
        So how does once a Christian dominant Nation become an Islamic nation?
        Its norminal skeptic Christian like u that becomes their useful idiots ( as they call the ignorant Christians) in their hands to do what they want to do!
        Beware else u will remain in the ocean n soap bubbles enters ur eyes!
        To be fore warned is to be forearmed!

    • U are nothing but a big heavy ignorance dat is who u are because people like are not suppose to be in this great country Nigeria.

    • Poverty has derail ur brain! Travel and learn about other tribe. As shallow as ur brain is , it only Muslim dat dominate kano, borno,maiduguri, yola kaduna , Niger. U pple are too greedy and selfish. Travel and check it out ur self. Anofia oyonshi. 50% of pple living there are ibo and Christians cos pole from dis part are very accommodating compare u Ibo. That if u are given an inch u will outsmart d person for length. U guy need prayers

  2. Let wish him a quick recovery.

  3. @ Clems:: quit insulting people to drive your point home. He wasn’t referring to you and it tells a lot about who we really are. Be cautious.

  4. Giwa Tajudeen Lawal

    christians and muslims we are all one bf God..

  5. Some persons are still in the dark in this country. They don’t think and percieve the plans of muslims in this our present day nigeria. Pls. let every Christian be conxious of what is happening in our environment. Let us not give these heartless people the chance to destroy us and our generation yet unborn.

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