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Meningitis outbreak kills 140 in Nigeria

Vaccination can prevent meningitis An outbreak of meningitis in several states of Nigeria has killed at least 140 people, officials say. It has been reported over the last week in six states and has so far infected more than 1,000 people, the Abuja Centre for Disease Control says. Meningitis causes …

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Doctor admits misleading over Ebola

A doctor has admitted she misled other medics about the health of a colleague returning to the UK from West Africa with Ebola in 2014. Dr Hannah Ryan told a disciplinary hearing she had been in a state of “disbelief, fear and panic” after finding out nurse Pauline Cafferkey had …

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Fanta, Sprite are safe – Health ministry

The Federal Ministry of Health has clarified the position of Fanta and Sprite, certifying both drinks as safe for consumers. This development arises from the recent court judgement on the case filed by Fijabi Holdings and another versus Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration …

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‘Healthiest hearts in the world’ found

The healthiest hearts in the world have been found in the Tsimane people in the forests of Bolivia, say researchers. Barely any Tsimane had signs of clogged up arteries – even well into old age – a study in the Lancet showed. “It’s an incredible population” with radically different diets …

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New drug for one in five breast cancers

Around 10,000 women a year in the UK might benefit from a new type of breast cancer treatment, say scientists. Biological therapies can help fight breast cancers caused by rare, inherited genetic errors like the BRCA one actress Angelina Jolie carries. Now a new study by experts at the Wellcome …

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New insight into secret lives of Neanderthals

Neanderthals dosed themselves with painkillers and possibly penicillin, according to a study of their teeth. One sick Neanderthal chewed the bark of the poplar tree, which contains a chemical related to aspirin. He may also have been using penicillin, long before antibiotics were developed. The evidence comes from ancient DNA …

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How I overcame fat-shaming

The idea of stepping into a gym used to make Jenniefer Gadsby, from Leeds, petrified. Exercising when you are overweight can be daunting, and the fat-shaming attitudes of others do not help. New research out this week shows people who feel discriminated against because of their weight are far less …

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Controversial gas from Peruvian Amazon arrives in UK

A tanker docking in the UK is transporting a controversial cargo of gas from the Peruvian Amazon. It is thought to be the first shipment to the UK from the Camisea project in rainforest 60 miles from Machu Picchu. Supporters of fracking say the UK should frack its own gas, …

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