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Drinking a few times a week ‘reduces diabetes risk

People who drink three to four times a week are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who never drink, Danish researchers suggest. Wine appears to be particularly beneficial, probably as it plays a role in helping to manage blood sugar, the study, published in Diabetologia, says. They …

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EU nurse applicants drop by 96% since Brexit vote

There has been a sharp drop in nurses registering to work in the UK since the EU Nurse referendum, figures suggest. Last July, 1,304 nurses from the EU joined the Nursing and Midwifery Council register, compared to 46 in April this year, a fall of 96%. The Health Foundation said …

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Ebola: WHO declares outbreak in DR Congo

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At least one person has died after contracting the virus in the country’s north-east, the WHO says. The Congolese health ministry had notified the WHO of a “lab-confirmed case” of Ebola, it added on …

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Charcoal validated to treat diseases, whiten teeth

Until now, activated charcoal was documented for use in treating medical conditions. It has been used by North American Indians to treat bruises, inflammation and skin infections. Activated charcoal has also been reported to help lower cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids found in the blood. According to Natural News, single teaspoon …

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8 Factors That Could Be Keeping You Awake at Night

Pain In one study, 15% of Americans reported suffering from chronic pain, and two-thirds also reported having sleep problems. Back pain, headaches, and temporomandibular joint syndrome (problems with the jaw muscles) are the main causes of pain-related sleep loss. Mental illness and stress Insomnia is both a symptom and a …

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Smoking causes one in 10 deaths worldwide, study shows

Smoking causes one in 10 deaths worldwide, a new study shows, half of them in just four countries – China, India, the US and Russia. Despite decades of tobacco control policies, population growth has seen an increased number of smokers, it warned. Researchers said mortality could rise further as tobacco …

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The death toll from the fresh outbreak of Meningitis in Nigeria has claimed over 350 Nigerian lives World Health Organisation (WHO) and other stakeholders in the world’s health affairs in order to stem the tide. However, Vanguardngn gathered that there is need for the general public to have critical information about …

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