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Just google it: The student project that changed the world

“Dad, what happens when you die?” “I don’t know, son. Nobody knows for sure.” “Why don’t you ask Google?” Of course, Google isn’t clever enough to tell us whether there is life after death, but the word “google” does crop up in conversation more often than either “clever” or “death”, …

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Apple wins iPhone 6 patent battle in China

A ban that threatened to stop the sale of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones in China has been overturned after a court ruled in favour of Apple in a patent dispute. Chinese firm Baili sought a ban last year saying the iPhone infringed on the design of its 100C …

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Robots to affect up to 30% of UK jobs, says PwC

Robotics and artificial intelligence could affect almost a third of UK jobs by the 2030s, according to a study. However, the report from accountancy firm PwC also predicted that the nature of some occupations would change rather than disappear. It added that automation could create more wealth and additional jobs …

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London-Paris electric flight ‘in decade’

A new start-up says that it intends to offer an electric-powered commercial flight from London to Paris in 10 years. Its plane, yet to go into development, would carry 150 people on journeys of less than 300 miles. Wright Electric said by removing the need for jet fuel, the price …

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LHC: Five new particles hold clues to sub-atomic glue

The Large Hadron Collider has discovered new sub-atomic particles that could help to explain how the centres of atoms are held together. The particles are all different forms of the so-called Omega-c baryon, whose existence was confirmed in 1994. Physicists had always believed the various types existed but had not …

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Climate change: Biofuels ‘could limit jet contrails’

Some close-quarter flying has provided new insights into aircraft pollution. US space agency-led scientists flew small, instrumented, chase planes directly in the exhaust plume of a big jet to measure the sorts of gases and particles being thrown out. The data suggests aircraft burning a mix of aviation kerosene and …

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Apple found guilty of Russian price-fixing

Russia’s competition watchdog has found that Apple fixed the prices of certain iPhone models sold in the country. The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (Fas) said that Apple’s local subsidiary told 16 retailers to maintain the recommended prices of phones in the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 families. Non-compliance with the pricing …

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