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USA- University of Michigan International Scholarship 2018

A college education is a great investment, but scholarships are a great way to make your higher education experience more affordable. And unlike another form of financial aid (student loans), scholarships are gift money that should never be returned!

At U-M, scholarships are awarded based on various criteria that include academic performance, personal talents, interests or leadership qualities, financial need or a combination of these. The awards often reflect the commitment of the university to achieve a diverse student body. Although a separate application is required for some scholarships, most only require your application for admission to the university.

Below are five important steps to make sure you receive full consideration of all the scholarships. If you are a graduate student, visit us here. The study grant information abroad can be found here.

First things first: request financial help

We encourage all students to apply for financial aid so that they receive full consideration of the scholarships. Incoming and potential students should visit the New College Students page. Information for continuing students can be found here. You do not need to be admitted to U-M to complete your request for help.

Complete My Scholarship Profile to complete your information

Once admitted, send additional information about yourself to help us know more about you.

The My Scholarship Profile function in the Campus Finances section of Wolverine Access collects and stores your information securely, and makes it available to scholarship administrators throughout the campus. Some scholarships provided by donors awarded by schools and colleges and the Financial Aid Office need this additional detail. A separate application is not required.

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